100% Beeswax Emergency Taper Candle


100% Beeswax Emergency Taper Candle


Make sure all your loved ones are prepared this season with these highly efficient and easy to burn taper candles. Power outages, traveling, sudden guests, no problem. Just one candle will keep a small room warm and illuminated for up to 20 hours!

Our pure beeswax tapers are individually hand poured, naturally fragrant, non-toxic, long burning and dripless when kept out of drafts. Care instructions included.

These are our individual emergency tapers. Packaging available with bulk orders. Check out our Emergency Taper Bulk Set of 12 for special savings!

Emergency Taper
Approx. Burn Time: 20 Hours

Approx. Weight: 6.5Oz.

Approx. Height: 6"

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Our candles are made with ONLY 100% pure beeswax and natural plant fiber wick, and contain no additives, dyes, scents, or paraffin. All are handmade and may have slight blemishes.